Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pictures !!!

Arriving in Greece !

Team "Alberta"
Guest speaker Jeff Galloway ... very helpful info he gave us !!
Bus Ride to Start line of Marathon at 6:00am !!

At the start line!

Waiting to start !
Lighting the torch to start the race !

Over 13,000 people in the marathon !!

Enroute !

Very happy to see the 21k half way mark !!

Yay !! Half way mark !!

KM 37 ... wow !!

View of the stadium and Finish line !

Crossing the finish line !!

Thank you Domitrice and Jo for staying with me to the finish line !

My team mate and roomie Heather !

Marathon Completed !!

6weeks since race day !!1

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since the marathon. My feet still look like they were in a marathon !!! A few toenails missing but at least I can wear shoes again. I'm back at the gym and have decided that maybe I will do another marathon next year. I still have some weight to lose and I think having a goal of a marathon will help with the last half of the weight loss. My expectation for this one might be a bit higher this time, like finishing in under 8 hours !!!

Thank you to everyone that has followed and supported my journey. I thought once I did the marathon in Greece it would be the end of my journey but it seems like it is only the begining. Supporting the Arthritis society is very important to me as well as maintaining my own health and having goals to work towards, so what a better way to do that then for me to be a supporter for the Joints in Motion program and continue to be an inspiration to others that suffer with Arthritis. I encourage others to join me next year and together we can do a marathon !!! I want to have my own team within the Joints in Motion Team !!! :-) "Go Team Jordan" ...LOL !!!

Can't wait to hear who wants to join me !!!!