Friday, April 27, 2012

Knee Injury . . .

I'm sure you read my post last Sunday when I had to stop my long walk at 10km because of pain in my knee. Well it hasn't gotten any better. After limping around for the first part of the week and trying to do personal training on Wed I decided (ok my trainer that I at least go and see a physiotherapist, so I did on Thursday.  The verdict is he's pretty sure that I have damaged the miniscus.  Not sure how or why but it's injured and he recommends staying off of it for 2 weeks. :-( I need to follow up with my family Dr and have some x-rays or scan done to determine if it's just irritated and pinched or if it's actually tore. Crossing my fingers the 2 weeks rest will be all it needs.  I can continue with upper body and core strength training but only with minimal weight bearing on the injured leg. He recommended using a crutch, well you can imagine how well that went over for me!!! I am trying to walk on it less and let it heal, I am honestly. I maybe stubborn but I know that if I don't let it heal I will be out of training for longer.  I am frustrated and worried that I won't be able to do the half marathon the end of May but I'm not going to give up hope just yet.  This was my facebook post yesterday cause it pretty much sums up how I was feeling  "I knew the road I chose was gonna have a few potholes that might slow me down occassionally but apparently it's under construction and I have to stop and wait for the on coming traffic to get through before I can proceed!!"  
Thank you to friends and family for the words of encouragement you always seem to lift my spirits and that means a lot!! :-) I know it will all work out but it's alittle disheartening when I get into a groove and feel as good as I can with the arthritis and then something non-arthritis stops me in my tracks! :-S   But thankfully I don't stay bummed out for too long and my relentless and persistant personality kick into high gear. (see sometimes being relentless and persistant is a good  So today a took a day to just regroup and get a plan in place and tomorrow I will be back at the gym doing what I can without hurting the knee further. :-)
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Behind on blogging but still workin out and walkin!

It's been awhile since I've been able to get online and do some blogging. It's been a bit of a crazy couple of weeks but I've still been busy with walks and gym workouts. Melissa and I did do our Sunday walk and our last one before Easter Weekend was 17km. It took us about 3hours and 20min and both of us were a bit sore after that one. I ended up taking Mon and Tues after that as rest days just to make sure my body was recovered. We left for vacation just before Easter and so my workouts have consisted of walks along the West coast on Vancouver Island (I could definitely make a habit of walking in places like this, so refreshing and peaceful). Gym workouts have been in hotels and the 8 floors of stairs was a great workout for the legs. Oh and I'm not sure how many stairs I've climbed to the A few more days and then it will be back to regular gym workouts and walks. Just alittle over a month to the half marathon in Calgary.... Kind of excited and kind of nervous!! I have high expectations for myself for the half marathon. I want to be back at the weight I was when I did Athens (and holy man being on vacation isn't helping that I'm and I want to finish the half in 3.5hours. I've done it before so I hope I can do it again !!!! I am super excited that my teamy Tracy is gonna walk it with me... our trial walk to the full in October!!!!