Thursday, May 31, 2012

We did it...half marathon completed!!

Happy to say that Tracy and I both completed the half marathon on Sunday! Together we crossed the finish line in 4:03:36!! The day started out at 4:15am to get ready for a 7:00am start time! Of course it's hard to sleep the night before so how is it possible for one to be completely rested?? 4:15 seemed to come sooner than it should!! We did it though, up, fed and ready to go, ride on the c-train to the Stampede grounds, bags checked and at the start line with 20 minutes to spare!There were people everywhere!!! The line ups to the porta potties was insane and people pushing their way to get to the front to start the race. As a walker it's kind of scary at the start line, cause you gotta stay way over to the side or you risk getting mowed! And even over to the side people still running past you on both sides, kind of makes you feel like you're standing! The first 10km went pretty fast and we were on track to finish in 3 or 3.5 hours. We were never at the back, there was always someone behind us so it was good motivation to keep up our pace. Things started to go down hill around the 12km mark when I had to pee. The problem with stopping to pee when I'm doing a race ?? ... is my arthritis... stopping for anything , tends to stiffen me up right away and it's very difficult to get things going at the same pace they were before! Note to self, maybe not drink so much pre-race so I can make through an entire half without stopping. :-)

The last 6 or 7km were alittle slower for us, getting my pace back up after stopping for a pee never really happened and we were both having pain in one spot or!! Through the entire route, anytime I had to go down a hill of any kind, I had to do a slow jog. The pressure on my knee going downhill was very painful but if I jogged it was in a slightly bent position and didn't hurt as much. The last hill at the 18km mark was a tough one, I didn't really have the energy to jog but I knew that my knee would never hold up having to extend it fully in the walking position. Somewhere I managed to get myself into a slow jog and the strangest thing happened ... I couldn't stop. The pain was less in my knee because it was slightly bent jogging and so I just kept jogging so it didn't hurt so much. Who knew I could find it in me to actually jog the last 3km and across the finish line! :-) Tracy was great, she was having pain but she just jogged along beside me, well and she's got longer legs then I do so her walking could actually keep up to my VERY slow jog...LOL!!! The last 5km was pretty quiet as we pushed through being tired and in pain. But we did it, we finished and Tracy can now say she has completed her first half marathon!

Thank you to everyone that donated towards my fundraising this past weekend in support of the half marathon, your donations are greatly appreciated! My next fundraising walk is June 10th. Stay tuned for those details.  Visit our website and subscribe there to follow our journey and get all the up to date details on events and fundraising!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Help me Reach $500 this weekend!

Less than 24hrs to go and we will be standing at the start line ready to walk the half marathon. :-)

The Arthritis Society is one of the charities of choice for the Calgary Marathon so please donate to my fundraising page in support of this event! My goal is to raise $500 this weekend towards my fundraising.  So please help me by clicking here and making a donation in support of my half marathon tomorrow. Any amount is greatly appreciated, all the $5.00 and $10.00 add up! Grab a group of friends or co workers and make a group donation.

I truly appreciate any support you can give and thank you for supporting me in my personal fight with Arthritis, as well as my daughter and my sister who are very dear to me and are also fighting this disease.

Thank you again for any support you can give! :-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Calgary Marathon - This weekend!!!

.5Wow, I can't believe it's here.  The half marathon that Tracy (my arth-kickers team mate from Red Deer) and I are walking is on Sunday!! I thought that my time would have been spent training and putting on the km's in prep for it, but that hasn't been the case. My last training walk of 17km was back in March.  The past 2 months have been physio, cold laser treatments and rest in hopes that I can complete this half.
Last week I saw my Dr. and he did a cortisone injection in the knee as well.  He has given me the ok to do the half and use my own judgement as to how far I will be able to go.

This week it has been feeling pretty good, I've been walking the kids to the bus in the mornings and it feels good.  So I'm optimistic that I will be able to finish the race. :-)  I am super excited to do this half with my team mate Tracy as this is her first half marathon. 

It's an early start of 7:00am so I don't think Tracy and I will be doing to much catching up when she arrives Saturday! But hey walking the half we will have 3.5 hours to catch!

Wish us luck and if you're in the area stop by the stampede grounds and cheer us on!! We would love the support!! :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Calgary Half Coming Up!

Wow, I can't believe the Calgary Half is just around the corner! It's still undecided if I will be able to walk it or not. I'm still doing physio and I just started some laser treatments. I think even if I am able to walk it it's going to be a tough one since I haven't walked a single km since the begining of April! :-(  I see my Dr. today so we will see what his take on the situation is. We were away for a few days and the rest, sitting by the pool definitely helped and I'm hoping if I limit the walking on it before now and the 27th, it will be enough! I was able to do a bit on the stationary bike on Monday, so that to is an improvement from a couple of weeks ago when I couldn't even do that!! Let's cross our fingers and toes because I really want to be able to do the half with my team mate Tracy, especially since it's her first half marathon!!! 
Congrats to Heather, her brother Jon and our friend Tanner for finishing the Vancouver marathon May 6th, Great Job!!

Have a great day everyone!!