Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ouch !!!!

Okay so last week after "TBW" I didn't feel too bad. Today, after last nights workout, holy man, my shins and thighs are killing me. It was an effort to go up and down the stairs all day.
I was actually a bit stressed today thinking that I really need to go out tonight and get my walk in but holy crap my legs are WAY to sore !!
Guess What? I did it... thanks Kelsey for getting my butt out there and walking through the pain.
I know I whined a and yes my back is still
Next time though could you huff and puff just alittle bit up the !!! (even if you fake Thanks it was fun, glad I went !

Wed Walk ...6.99 km ...5.2 km/hour... 1 hour & 21 min ...523 calories burned !!!!

Wohooo only 16 km to reach my goal of 35km for the week.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Log Time !!!

Just wanted to check in and log my walking for yesterday and today !!! Plus don't forget it's Tuesday.."TBW"(total body workout... bootcamp in my yep hard core one hour workout !! :-S

Monday Walk .... A.M. walk 3.23 km .. 35.30 min ...5.5km /hour...237 calories
P.M walk 3.12 km...34.00 min ...5.4km/hour...230 calories

Tuesday Walk ... A.M. walk 2.95 km...34.18 min...5.1km/hour...221 calories
P.M. walk to and from "TBW" 1.45 km one way x 2

Goal 35km... woohooo 12.20 km only 22.8 km to go !!!!

Fundraising goal is now at 42 % .. Thanks everyone !!!! :-)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fundraising Garage Sale !!!

Awesome news, I was able to raise $375 to put towards my fundraising goal. $265 from the items I sold plus 2 people that donated directly online !! Also a big thank you to my friend Zuky who donated some pictures to sell as well. Thanks !!! So I am so close to the 40% mark and that is so exciting.
I gathered up the items that didn't sell this weekend and donated them
to Goodwill, so not only was I able to raise money for Joints in Motion, I have a few empty boxes and totes in the garage. Time to start collecting for the Spring Sale..LOL !!!

Now that the garage sale is done, I can refocus and work towards hitting my goal of 35km by the weekend. Remember the challenge... :-)

Not only was my garage sale a fundraiser, but it also reconnected me with a childhood friend who
I haven't seen in almost 17 years. It was awesome chatting with her and finding out that she does triathalons. I know she's going to be a great inspiration and help to my training.

Here's cheers to a new week and LOTS of walking and working out !!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

End of the Week !!!

Woohooo... I made it past the 30% of my fundraising goal..Thanks Donna !!

So it's Friday and I didn't meet my goal AGAIN !!! Alittle closer this week though.
Wednesday I did a walk, only 4km but I made it out. Getting ready for this fundraiser garage sale on the weekend
is keeping me busy. I also joined Weight Watchers this week, so we'll see what I can adjust diet wise that might speed up the weight loss a bit. Although I have changed alot of my eating habits, I still seem to struggle with the weight, so I guess we will see if having a stricter plan to follow will help.

So I set my goal again 35km for the week !!!

I have a challenge... When I finally reach my goal of 35km for the week (hopefully it's this coming week), you or (if you've already donated) you ask a friend or family member to sponsor my journey !! :-) I need my supporters to help keep me motivated so lets do this together !!

Thanks Everyone !!!
Enjoy your weekend !!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tuesdays "Total Body Workout" day. I just recovered from last week...oiiii !! Hopefully this week I'm not as sore. I think last week was so brutal because I wasn't able to take my injections for the arthritis for 2 weeks when I was so sick. So no meds in my system + an intense workout = sore sore sore body !!! lol So I was able to do my injection this past weekend so hopefully that will help the soreness factor this week. :-)

I walked to and from "TBW" which is 1.5km each way. So I didn't walk a whole bunch today but
I need to pace myself on "TBW" days !! I did wash all my floors on my hands and knees, that was a workout..does that count ?!?...LOL !!!

17 KM to my goal !!! :-)

Thanks again everyone for checking in to see how I'm doing. :-) Thanks to my awesome cousin that is helping me out with my fundraising goal with some canvassing in her community !!
29% and counting...anyone wanna push me to 30% :-)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Day

I have decided to hold a fundraising garage sale next weekend. The proceeds from the stuff
we sell will go towards my fundraising goal. So we have been busy gathering things, setting up and pricing all weekend. But even after a very busy day I did get some walking in.
Thanks Zuky for the walk but I really wish we wouldn't have talked about how far 22km really is..LOL

5.47 km in 1.04 hour
walking an average of 5.1km/hr
408cal burned

So if I include my biking that's 15.47km towards my goal...only 20km to go !!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bike Ride

Okay so I didn't make my goal last week of 35km ! But I am definietly off to a great start for this week. We did a 10km bike ride this evening with the kids. They so love being involved.
And it's back to "total body workout" on Tues and I am starting my swim program as well this week.
Hopefully the water workout leaves me a little less stiff and sore than the "total body workout"..LOL ! I so have to keep reminding myself that I have arthritis, actually after doing the intense workouts my body is pretty good at reminding me...LOL !
So my goal is to reach my 35km by Sun 27.
A few more donations have come in, that's great news !! So my fundraising is now at 27%

Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Wow, so I found out some exciting details today about the upcoming marathon !!!

The dates have been set for mid April (14-20, 2010) and a few details about the route !
This is the information from the website:

Be a part of the The Arthritis Society's Joints In Motion Training Team when it heads to Vienna, Austria for the Vienna City Marathon and Half Marathon.
More than 30,000 runners from 100 nations participate in the Vienna City Marathon, cheered by thousands of spectators. You will be fascinated all the way from the start at the UN City to the impressive finish on Heldenplatz.
The route boasts one of the most culturally-impressive marathon routes in the world and is of moderate difficulty with an incline within the first half, and the second half being downhill and flat. The full marathon course is open for six hours and the half marathon is open for three hours.

It's a moderately difficult route ( During the first half of the route it's a steady incline and the second half is downhill and flat. So the question I keep asking myself is because I am only doing the half marathon does that mean that my entire portion is uphill?!? Or maybe we start part way the route so we all FINISH in the same spot ?!? I seriously can't wait to get that answer !!!
Holy crap what happened to telling me I could walk the whole cause that isn't going to happen if I have to finish in under 3 hours. I think the pressure has just been !

Sept 17th
40 min

So 19KM to go before the end of today,..hmm what do you think? :-( Better than last week I suppose and I did have my total body work out and biking in this as well so I'm okay with that.
We'll see what I can pull off for km's tonight and then set my new goal for the upcoming week !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Core Training

Tuesday night was my first class of my "total body workout" which I have incorporated into my training program. It's an hour long class of strength training and it's definietly a work out. :-)

It's awesome cause I can either bike or walk to the class so I can log those KM's into my weekly goal. It's become a balancing act now with all the kid's activities and my training but we are getting into a routine. I have some things planned to kick the fundraising portion into gear as I only have about 6 months to raise 75% of my goal. I am planning a garage sale at the end of the month and I plan to donate a portion of the proceeds towards my goal so I am excited about that !!!! Again I ask for your support and forwarding the link to my sponsorship page !

I am headed out for my walk soon so I will log the KM's later today !

Thanks again everyone !

Okay I did it... I walked 6.34 km / 1.15 hour / 494 calories !!!
Thanks Zuky for all the motivation and the extra little push !! :-)

Only 22km to meet my goal this week !!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Stuff !!!

So slowly getting back into the grove. This cold is definietly hanging in there, alittle frustrating !!!
What a beautiful weekend though, lots of sunshine and playing outside.

Saturday we took the kids biking and did about 5km, they loved it. The two little ones are in tow behind my husband and I and our oldest rides on his own. It's great cause we go for the longer bike rides and they don't tire out.

So with a new goal set I'm eager to accomplish it. :-)

Sunday Walk

3.0 km
33.56 min
221 cal burned

Only 28.4 km to go !! That doesn't sound so bad...LOL !!! Wish me luck and keep those donations coming in... they are great appreciated !! :-)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back at it !!!

Holy Man... a week lost !!! Grrrrr !!! Today was my first day back at it, still coughing like crazy but I managed to do something. So my goal of 40km by tomorrow obviously isn't going to happen, so it's time to refocus and set a new goal !!!
Thanks Kelsey for walking with me tonight, see you next week !! :-)

My new goal is to walk 35km in total by Sept 18th.

Today :
43.36 min
261 calories

Sunday, September 6, 2009

So frustrating .....

So I decide what I am going to do and am excited to have set some small goals and go hard
with my training and WHAMO ! I get struck with a horrible cold and don't have the energy to even climb the stairs. So 2 days of doing nothing, frustrated more than you can imagine and the now the scale goes up by 2 lbs cause I'm not eating properly (hardly at all cause my throat has been to sore) and no exercise.....grrrrr !! Now with being sick I am not able to take some of my medications which sends my arthritis into inflammation mode...grrrrr !!!
Tomorrow is another day right?!? I can work extra hard to still meet my goal of completing 40km before next Friday right?!? Hopefully if I take today and get a bit more rest I can slowly
get back into things tomorrow ! I'm crossing my fingers !!!
Thanks for listening to my little ! I guess I will go and read some more of my running book since nothing else seems to be in the cards.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reading a Great Book !!!!

So the kids are back in school, it was a great summer of camping and family fun. I did manage to get some training in but of course you never get as much in as you would like. :-( So here I am Sept and really only 8 months to get things in shape (ok me in
The book I am reading "running start to finish" by John Stanton has some great points in it which I need to consider. Goal setting, is a big part and we know there is a goal at the end of this but I also need to set myself some smaller goals to be able to keep the momentum in my training. According to him I'm not ready to be running yet, which is a bit disappointing to me cause I really want to be running. :-( But it could also be why I'm struggling a bit.
So I get the kids on the bus this morning and I gear up for a workout and spend the entire time thinking and planning the next couple of months. After reading the book I realize that maybe I am trying to do much all at once and that's why I am having a hard time keeping the momentum. As I was walking this morning I was thinking I need to start a log book and keep closer track of what I am doing. At first I was thinking I would just log in a book and then I thought why not track my daily workouts right here ! That way I am more accountable to someone (you my readers) and knowing that I have a whole lot of people keeping a closer eye on me, I will be able to push myself alittle bit more each week ! So are you on board? Are you ready to give me the extra push and keep me accountable? Here's the deal though, as you see me keeping up with my logging and daily workouts, you need to do your part and spread the word to your family and friends, my sponsorship is counting on you !I can't do it alone ! I am at 25% of my fundraising goal..woohooo that is awesome news !!! If you or someone you know isn't comfortable donating online please send me an email request and I can give you a mailing address where a cheque or money order can be sent and a receipt will be mailed back to you. Remember it's a tax deductible donation.
I am going to take some of the advice from the book at back up a couple of steps and concentrate on walking faster and longer distances each week. The reality is I probably won't be a running a whole lot of the marathon anyway just because of the arthritis so I am going to concentrate on the walking and if in the end I have the endurance to run I will. I have to remember that I do have arthritis and I need to be cautious of my expectations. I just want to prove I can do this but I need to remember to be smart about it. :-)

Thankfully with my fitness watch I can log exactly what I do each day, it really is a great training tool !
9:36am 4.16km 47.49 minutes 313 calories burned !

Goal by Sept 11 is to have walked 40km in total !