Saturday, March 24, 2012

Okotoks Western Wheel Newspaper Article

Slow Week with a Bad Hip ...

So remember my last post where I mentioned I wasn’t sure I would be able to walk the next day after my Friday the 16th workout??? Well I was right !!! I spent all of last weekend on ice and advil (by Sunday it was something a bit stronger than Melissa and I did do a short walk Sunday morning but it was a pretty slow one. It wasn’t too bad walking but bending over and sitting were pretty painful. And wouldn’t you know it I ended up with a dam pebble in my shoe on the walk and so on the side of the road Melissa had to take my shoe off, shake out the pebble, put my shoe back on and tie it up. Thanks Melissa!! :-) Monday I ended up in the foothills for a procedure to blast the blood clot that was in my central line preventing them from getting my blood collection done. So finally on Tues I was able to get in and see my chiropractor. What a relief, my hip was out of place and pushing on a nerve. So by Tues night I was back at the gym, my first time since the previous Fri. I did take it pretty slow and only did 3km. Wednesday I was back personal training, still with a bit of caution but feeling pretty good. Not only was I recovering from my hip being out of place but holy man the boxing work out we did last Friday left my upper back and arms alittle sore. :-S But Friday’s workout was good and I was able to do 2 hours at the gym with another 3km and 2000m of rowing. Today I felt pretty good and was at the gym for 2 hours. I did 5.5km and another 2000m of rowing and some core work. So tomorrow back out for our long walk and hoping to do 13km.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling some Success

It's been exactly a month since Motion Fitness in Okotoks donated my gym membership and I started doing personal training.  I did the whole fitness evaluation at the begining and today (a month later) they did it again. It's been a successful month!! :-) I was down a total of 9lbs for the month and my body fat mass went down 10%. My BMI has gone down! :-)  I need the reminders like this that all the hard work I am doing is paying off. I needed to hit my 10lb goal (which I did since I'd lost a bit before I started at the gym. But my aggressive goal of 10lbs a month feels like it could be attainable if I keep up at the gym, my training walks and personal training. Of course it's a happy balance to keep my gibbled body in!! (which after today's personal training is debatable whether I will be able to walk tomorrow or not! :-S  But I'm super happy with my results after a month and now I am walking 15k on my Sunday walks!!! I only have 72lbs to reach my goal weight for the marathon in October and 25lbs to reach my goal weight for the half marathon in May. :-) Wish me luck!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

In a groove ...

I finally feel like I'm getting into a good routine with my walking schedule and my personal training at the gym with Kristine.  Yesterday I walked 14.8km and then a more leisurely 2km in the afternoon with the kids to and from the park.  Our morning walk was great Melissa and I were joined by Andrea (one of  my kids' teachers from last year and we christianed her with a 13km I really wanted to do 15km and Melissa and Andrea were done at 13 so I continued on to do almost another 2 to make it to 15(well Doing 15km outside this Sunday was so much easier than doing 10km on the treadmill like we did last Sunday!! Horaay for nice weather and walking outside.  So I logged a total of 25km this week with walking and rowing!! Great Week!!
Another big accomplishment is I hit the 10lb mark for weight loss. I felt like I've been working and working and only seeing a half pound here and half pound there, but it's all added up to 10lb now.  I am so excited about that, it is great motivation to keep up the hard work because it is paying off. Only 70 more to go! :-)
It has been so awesome to have Melissa as a workout partner, she definietly makes it easier when I have company! :-)
Today is my rest day, well my rest day from the gym and walking, but it's catch up day for groceries and

Our team is still looking for businesses and corporations that would like to donate to the Arth-Kickers in support of the Arthritis Society. $1000 donation will get your company logo on our training jerseys and $500 (business or personal) will get your name listed as a "major donator" on our shirts! We are over a quarter of the way there but still need to raise close to $27,000.  Thank you to those that have already donated it is greatly appreciated!! :-)

Have a great week everyone I look forward to logging a few more Km's this week ... gonna try for 30km!! :-)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 2 post from Arth-Kicker Blog

Here is the post I posted on the website March 2.  I usually copy and paste it here for my followers and forgot! Sorry! :-)

March 2 Post::
Well it’s been a super busy week with so much to talk about. Sunday, Melissa and I headed off to the gym to do our long walk on the treadmill since it snowed and I’m scared to walk outside in the snow and ice for fear of falling and hurting my hip. It started out as a 10km walk but I only made it to 5km. For some reason I thought that walking on the treadmill wouldn’t be as hard on my feet so I didn’t tape them to prevent blisters, while by 5km my feet were burning so bad I could hardly step on them. (Kind of how they feel after doing a half or a Sure enough when I took my shoes off there were big blisters on the balls of my feet. Bandages and tape for a couple of days and short walks on the treadmill. Well thankfully Monday was a rest day anyway. We still did 2 hours at the gym, we did our 5km and then did some weights, core work and ended with a short stint on the eliptical.

Tues was our bottle drive at the Southe Pointe Bottle depot, so to date we’ve raised almost $300 collecting bottles. We will continue collecting bottles until October so if you would like to donate yours send us off an email and we can arrange for pick up. The bottle drive was fun, we had Shaw TV there doing interviews of the Arth-Kickers and Elisha from the Arthritis Society. If you missed it on the Calgary community channel stayed tuned for it here, I’m trying to get a copy to post on the website.

Wednesday was our interview with the Western Wheel in Okotoks. She did the interview at motion fitness and did a few photos with my personal trainer Kristine, as well as Toccoa and I on the treadmills. We are excited for that article to come out as well. Thurs and Fri were gym days and more personal training, as well setting up at the Calgary Farmer’s market for a weekend of selling our bracelets and collecting donations.

Here are a few pictures from our bottle drive on Tuesday.