Wednesday, February 24, 2010

False sense ....

Wow that was a bit of an eye !!! I decide to use my treadmill at home today instead of going to the gym cause I have a few other things to get done. Well apparently my treadmill is older and you actually have to work alittle harder then you do on the NEW ones at the
I tried to do my walk 2min and run 5min on my treadmill ... hahaha ya not so much. So I decided to do as I was told and start with the walk 1 run 1. I happy that I could do that for a full 30 minutes rather than just the 6 sets I was supposed to. So as much as I would like to think I am at the run 5min point in the 10 week running program, if it's outside or on my older treadmill I'm pretty sure that's not the

I really hate starting at the begining when I feel like I have been doing this forever. Just have to keep focused and do as I'm (I'm so not a good rule

I am still looking for donations to my fundraising goal so please invite your family and friends to sponsor my journey. There is a contest out right now for the participants and it's whoever can complete their fundraising by July 1 gets entered into a draw for a free ticket to Athens. That means a friend or family could win that free trip if my name is drawn. ...And just maybe you will be the lucky one that I pick :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eat Think and Act like an athlete

Those are the words of our head Joints in Motion Trainer. It's kinda weird for me since I feel like I have been at this forever now. For everything that I have been doing for the last 10 months and really feels like nothing compared to what I am going to be doing now until Oct.

I am registered for a 5km run in March as a part of the Golden Shamrocks and then my husband and I are registered for another one May 1st with a team from his work. Should be fun !!!
I will now be meeting with a nutritionalist next week so hopefully that will help with the weight loss end of things.

It was a good workout this morning, I am supposed to be starting a "beginner" run program which is run 1 minute and walk 1 minute but since I have already been doing this for awhile I was happy when I could do run for 5 min and walk for 2 min for 4 sets. Almost 3km in total.
I was able to run at 6.5 km an hour comfortably. I then did some arms and core workout, my new found love for the exercise ball

Have a great week !!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Slow at Blogging

Oops sorry for the delay in blogging. It has been busy for sure. So much to write about.
First of all we have 2 pools for our survivor fundraiser ...wahooo !! Thanks everyone !!!! The game is 2 weeks in so we've lost a couple of castaways already. :-( Sorry Guys !!

I got to meet with Kevin , the head trainer for the Joints in Motion Training Team. I did an evaluation and he made a few recommendations. First was to see the nutrionalist and keep a food journal, so I'm working on that. I also started taking an iron supplement in hopes that it will
help from the extreme tiredness I feel. mmmm floradix ... :-P lol !!! He is going to start a group training, I think on Monday nights, as well he would like us to do some extra training with him.
He is will do mini groups to help keep the cost down so if anyone is interested in joining me once a week for some "personal" training let me know. Kevin really is fantastic and a wealth of knowledge. Drop me an email if you are interested

I did manage to get things straightened out with my trainer at the gym as well, so I will continue with sessions with her as well, since I was already committed to those before Kevin was brought on board. So it looks like my weeks are about to get busier, 2x a week with Kevin (group and mini group training), once a week with my gym trainer, my Sunday swim class and 2 days of training on my own.
And only 8 months to go ....yikes !!! That completely freaks me out !!! :-S

Have a great day !!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Work Out Week !!

It was a busy week. I worked out everyday except for Thurs. Today was
especially a crazy day, I did swimming in the morning which involved 21 laps (so that's what Pat told me cause I seriously lost and then a deep water work out.
And then I met up with Kelsy (she's another great work out friend, one of the one's I can't keep up the gym for an hour and half work out. My body is a bit tired ..okay who am I kidding.. lol it's very tired. :-S Tomorrow might have to be a rest day but we will see how I feel in the morning.

Our meeting for Joints in Motion was good. I think we will have a few people on board to do an awesome fundraising event, hopefully in early May. We also met the guy (Kevin Smith) who is going to be our head trainer for Joints in Motion now. The great part is, he is going to Athens too. He is going to provide group training once a week in his studio for all the Joints in Motion participants. It was a great turnout at the meeting and there are alot of people interested in supporting the Arthritis Society so that is great news !!!! There was a guest speaker there that was telling her story as a previous Joints in Motion Participant and she says that it completely changes your life to hear everyone's stories, make new friendships and support and amazing cause. I'm so excited to be a part of it. Anyone else wanna join me ?!? :-)

Have a great week !!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Longer workout !!

So I finally did it !! I met with my trainer this morning for an hour and then I continued my workout on the elipitical trainer for an additional 45 minutes. I did 5km on the eliptical today and I did 8km on it yesterday ! :-)

A few more people needed for our survivor pool fundraisier !!!

We get to meet some of the other participants going to Athens tomorrow night so that should be fun. Hopefully get some people on board to pull off an amazing fundraiser. :-)

My husband has signed us up for a 5km run (only cause that's as far as HE can ) through his office at the begining of May. And I'm still trying to decide if I will tackle the 10km in Vancouver the weekend after.

Cheers and have a great week !!!