Sunday, January 29, 2012

12km Sunday Walk!!

The plan was to do another 10km this morning. I headed out with one of the Arth-Kickers team members (Toccoa) and a friend from Okotoks and we walked down into Fish Creek park. It was a great walk and when we hit the 5km mark I decided to push for one more km before turning around to head back for the second half. Oh my word Toccoa can walk fast and for her this was a nice leisurely walk in the!! I didn't feel too bad but I still broke a sweat, I don't think she! My friend Melissa did great, she hasn't been walking and she tackled this walk with us this morning and did amazing. I hope she's not too sure in the morning and cursing!! Although she was prepared for 10k this morning and so I think I may have put her over the edge with the extra 2. Sorry Melissa! But it was fun, walking with friends is so much nicer and makes the time go so fast. It did not feel like we were walking for 2 hours. I feel like I'm getting back into my groove and so I just need my body to cooperate. :-) I was alittle bit nervous about this morning because doing my injection last night and taking benadryl makes me feel pretty crappy and when I first woke up I wasn't sure I was even gonna make it 5km. I think walking with friends definitely made it better, otherwise walking by myself I would focused on the fact that I felt horrible and used it as an excuse to walk a shorter distance. So Toccoa and Melissa were just the support I needed this morning to get me through. And really I don't feel too bad at all, hips are alittle sore but no worse than when I headed out this morning!! Thanks for the great walk ladies and the support!! :-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Success with 10km!!!!

It was the greatest feeling to accomplish 10km yesterday. It's hard to believe that I really did do a full marathon in Oct 2010 and now I am excited to accomplish 10km these days. Set backs have been a huge part of my journey and all I can do is keep moving forward and set my sights on Oct of this year. :-) So onward I go. Not only did I do 10km yesterday, but I walked that darn hill that almosted got the better of me on!! I have to say it wasn't any easier yesterday, maybe even harder because it was the last 3km of my walk! I knew I would have no choice but to do it if I made that the last part of my walk, otherwise I would have been sitting on the side of the road all day waiting for hubby to get!! Today is a bit of a rest day as my hips are alittle sore from the walk yesterday, but I did walk 2km this morning with the dog. :-) Tomorrow and Saturday will be shorter walks as I'm planning another 10km on Sunday with team mate Toccoa and another friend Melissa that's going to join us. So off to fish creek park we go Sunday morning!! So if you see us give us alittle cheer!!! :-) This weekend is injection weekend for my meds so Sunday's walk will definietly be a challenging one as it's usually a couple of days of not feeling so great. So doing this one with friends will definietly make it easier! :-) Don't forget to contact us to come and pick up your bottles, so we can work on our fundraising! Enjoy the sunshine again today!! Don't forget to visit our website:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tried for 10km ...

Well after being stuck in the house doing workouts both on the treadclimber and the xbox workout (which by the way is kicking my was happy to be able to walk outside today. I woke up this morning and was planning to walk 10km. I told hubby where I was planning to walk because there and back would be 10km. Well he so graciously burst my bubble and told me it wasn't going to be a 10km walk. No biggie, I would walk that route and then add a couple of km's the other way on the way home or just walk alittle further past my intended turn around point. Well that didn't go as planned...the route I walked was great for the first 3km (easy peasy) and then I reached my original turn around point and started heading back. It was easy going cause it was ALL DOWNHILL!!! Oh my word the walk back was crazy, it was uphill the entire way back with one spot that was a flat spot. There was one hill I felt like stopping and calling hubby to come and pick me!! But I didn't I kept going. Needless to say I didn't walk the extra km's on the way home because my legs were already burning. I have to be nice to my body and my hip and at that point I think it was already a bit unhappy with!! But it's all good, yes is was only 6km but it was a GOOD 6km and a great workout. I think it's a great walk to build up my endurance for sure!! I love tracking my walks and workouts on dailymile and now that Heather and Tracy are logging there's it's great motivation for everyone!! It's great to see what the rest of the team is doing. You can check out our dailymile workouts on the website We are still looking for corporate/businesses to sponsor our team with a donation to the Arthritis Society and be put on our training jerserys. If you have family or friends please pass along my email . Personal donations are great as well and any amount is appreciated.:-) We still have lots of bracelets left to sell as well, so please support our team and purchase a bracelet! :-)They are $5.00each and you can email info@arthkickers to find out where you can get one! :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calgary Half Marathon

Well it's official, I'm registered for the Calgary Scotiabank Half marathon on May 27th. The arthristis society has also been chosen as a the charity of choice for this marathon so that is exciting news. The arth-kickers will be there as part of the Arthritis Society's Joints in Motion Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge team for the half marathon. So come out and join us for an exciting day as some of our team members complete their first half marathon in preparation for the full we will be completing in Oct. Support our team by donating to one of our personal fundraising pages. We will be using this half marathon as a fundraising event for our team and need your suppport. :-) Keep warm cause this is crazy cold weather!!It's definietly keeping me indoors, thank goodness for a treadmill and my now favorite workout .. the X-Box! :-) There are some great work out games and they are fun so it doesn't seem like work at all!! 200 calories burned in no time!! :-) Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finish what I started ...yesterday!

So yesterday morning I have this plan, a plan that Murphy and I will walk to the mailboxes for the mail (which is about 1km). I knew it was cold but I bundled up, drop the kids off at the bus and continue to the mailboxes. Ya not so much, we got to the corner and Murphy started lifting his feet and whining ..HE'S COLD!! Ok I was cold too but I was like Murphy needs a walk I will suck it up!LOL!! Well if it's too cold for him then I guess it was too cold for me! So we waited until the afternoon when it warmed up and we walked around the acreage. This way the yorkies can walk with us because I'm not ready to walk all 3 dogs at once on!! So we did about 2km yesterday. So this morning I have the same plan. Drop the kids off at the bus and walk to the mailboxes. So off we go! It's a beautiful morning and not too cold, only about -8. So we get to the mailboxes and I decide that we will walk past the mailboxes for a bit and get the mail on the way back. YAY for us ... we walked 5.6km this morning. :-) It took alittle longer than I would have liked but Murphy is still learning to walk on a leash! My left arm is getting a good workout at the same time cause I'm constantly pulling him back to walk beside me! So it was a good morning. My feet are alittle sore, apparently I need to build the skin back up on them ... no more!!! It's time to start the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred AGAIN!! Remember how well that went for me last time I tried!! I hope this time is better. :-) I'm posting a fundraising event on the Arth-Kickers fundraising page. Check it out! Enjoy the rest of the day !!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snowy Walk

It's January so I shouldn't be surprised to wake up and see snow on the ground but it was soooo nice to be walking on the bare pavement in the sunshine. But it is what it is and IT IS January. So this morning I walked the kids to the bus and then Murphy and I did a 3km walk. I can honestly say that if I didn't have him I would avoided the snowy walk in my snow boats and opted for runners on the treadmill. I live on an acreage so we actually walked around the fence line 3 times(which is just over a KM for each lap). The first 2 times around it was just him and I and for the last one the 2 little yorkies joined us. It was fun. My legs are a bit tired from walking in the snow boats but more resistance?? right??? :-)
With all the snow that meant some shovelling was in order so that's how we spent the rest of our time outdoors do that. I'm pretty sure Murphy sitting on the shovel was a whole lot of resistance training for my arms as !!!
Yesterday was a great day too, we still had the sunshine and bare pavement so we did 3km yesterday as well. My daughter insisted Murphy was her show and tell so we walked over to the school to do that and then continued on with our "training walk". Before heading out on the walk, I was able to do 30 minutes on the treadclimber. That was a bit challenging and I can definietly feel my legs from that today.:-S It's been a great start to the week with the kids going back to school, getting back to old routines and starting my new routines.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Officially a Team of 5! :-)

Her registration is in and Toccoa Charles has joined the arthkickers. I will be adding her bio to the website soon so you can read all about her. Toccoa and I were neighbors for 3 years in Calgary and their family was one of the reasons we were sad to leave the cul da sac. But it's all good, we still get to see them and now she's going to be a part of the team. She has gotten to know me and my health issues and it means alot that she wants to be a support and raise money for an amazing cause. Not only is she doing this to support me but she also has family members that have been diagnosed with arthritis. So welcome to the team Toccoa and it's going to be an adventure you won't forget. So the arthkickers is asking for your support as our team fundraising goal is $34,000. We definietly can't pull this off without your support and donations so please help us make a difference. :-)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2012!! I can't believe I am saying that!!! I can't believe it's 10 months until the marathon. Christmas really makes you lose a couple of months that's for sure!!! But here we are ready to go!!! I am super excited about this journey and what lies ahead for this year. As I'm typing this I'm still in a bit of shock that's it's !!! Lots in store for 2012. Christmas was great, we had lots of company and lots of good food. (that part was bitter We have a new addition to our family that joined us just before Christmas. His name is Murphy and he's bordercollie/aussie pup. He is officially my daily walking buddy. :-) He's high energy and needs like 2-3 walks a day, so that's awesome for me!! I have 2 little yorkies as well but they are only good for about 5km !!! So it will be Murphy and me for the big walks. I'm figuring him and I should be building our stamina at about the same He's still a pup so he's tired after about 5k too !! But together we will gradually work up to the 42k :-) This is what he looks like after our 4km walk this I'm not THAT And trust me in a couple of hours HE will be ready for another (me? I guess we will
We are going to be organizing some fundraising events in the next couple of months so stay tuned for those. We also have our bracelets we are selling, so we'd love to see you sporting one of those. :-) Don't forget you can also just make a donation to my fundraising page all donations big and small are greatly appreciated. I'm also in the process of getting our 5th team mate up and organized. Her fundraising page will be added soon as well. We are still looking for businesses that would like to donate and be featured on our team jerseys and have their links posted on our website, so if you or someone you know would like to be a part of our team that would be awesome !! Cheers to 2012 and thank you in advance for your support! :-)