Thursday, December 15, 2011


It's been a few days of recovering from some minor surgery. Hopefully with this surgery it will make getting meds/IV's and having blood collected easier. No more being poked a dozen times or having blood drawn from my leg. So I have another week before I am able to resume cardio workouts. Thankfully I am still able to walk the kids to and from the bus, alittle bit of exercise while I heal. I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching up us. My kids counting down the days is stressing me !! I am no where near done my shopping and I'm dreading if I have to go to a mall this weekend!!! Our fundraising bracelets were shipped yesterday so I'm expecting them before Christmas...wooohooo!!! I am so excited about their arrival!!! So for those of you that pre-ordered I will contact you as soon as they arrive. They will make a great stocking stuffer and support a great cause! :-) They will be available from all the team members and a few supporters helping us out in the Crowsnest Pass, Pincher Creek, Calgary/Okotoks, Red Deer and Ft.McMurray! It looks like we have another team member and her registration is just being processed by the office. So we will have her bio and fundraising page up on the website before too long. It's a busy time of year and she has 4 kids so I will have to keep you in suspense for a bit longer. :-) So we have a team of 5 and $34,000 to fundraise. It would be really cool to have an even number and have a team of 6...anybody??? Tammy my fave cuz are you!!! :-P

Thursday, December 8, 2011

YAY!!! She's on the team!!

Well it's official, Heather Skupinska is registered and ready to go. I am super excited that she has joined the arth-kickers. Heather and I did Athens last year and were room mates. Lots of memories from that trip. You can read Heather's bio on our website. Our team is growing that is exciting. Our coordinator emailed me to today and said the arth-kickers are popular that means people are looking at our website. :-) I can't believe its really only 10 months away ... eeekkk! Our team has $30,000 to raise and we need your help. Even if it's just $5.00 or $10.00 it is all appreciated! :-)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Visit the Website

Please visit our website to read my post from today. Some exciting news. I am going to keep this blog for now but most of my posting will be on the website blog, so please check us out over there where you can see what everyone on the team is upto. We just announced a fundraiser on the website and we have a new team member that we will be announcing shortly. I am so excited about the website and I hope you continue to follow my journey over there!! :-)