Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Plugging Along :-(

It's been a very frustrating month to say the least. After months of training and getting into a groove, it can all come to a grinding all so quickly. It's been 2 months now since I first started having pain in my foot and almost a month now in a cast and on limited workouts.
And the most frustrating part is it's only 4 months until the marathon. :-( I saw the Dr. yesterday and he was so kind to point out that soft tissue injuries can take a very long time to recover from. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, although I kinda already new that in the back of my mind.
I did see a podorthist as well and she has fitted me to have some orthodics and a splint for inside my shoe. They won't be ready until mid July but I'm crossing my fingers they will help with the road to recovery.
The biggest let down for me is not being able to reach my personal goals that I had set for myself by October, a big part of the reason why I took on this journey. I'm trying to stay to focused and positive but this injury has put me in a bad place right now and I am extremely frustrated. Not only feeling like I let myself down but all of my supporters too. :-(
I haven't given up on doing the marathon and until the Dr. says "absolutely not" (although not sure that I would even listen if he ) I will continue to plug along and do what I can.

So send your happy positive thoughts !!! :-) And I will keep you posted !!!

Enjoy the summertime sun !!!

Thanks again everyone for your much needed support.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 weeks instead of 6 !!!!

Xrays and bone scan done on my foot and thankfully there is no stress fracture. The injury appears to be soft tissue so hopefully that only means 2 weeks of being off of it instead of 6.
I see physio on Tues so they can help me to determine when I can start back on my running program. I've still managed to do water workouts (not my favorite but I do what I have to do) and bootcamp doing only arms and core.
My thinking is it's already been 2 weeks of no weight bearing exercise while having it in the aircast so I am hopeful that with a few visits to physio things will be much in improved. The difficulty is that my arthritis is soft tissue so it could take the healing process a bit longer but I'm really crossing my fingers that's not the case.
I did get new runners as per the Dr's request but when I went back to see him last Friday he still insisted they weren't the right shoe...grrrr !! So I will see what physio thinks on Tues and perhaps give foot solutions a visit next week.

I have reached my fundraising goal which I am very excited about, in fact I have exceeded my goal and I thank everyone for their generosity in making that happen. I will continue to raise money for the Arthritis Society Joints in Motion program so please feel free to continue to invite your family and friends to donate to my page.

Our fundraising event treasure island was a success, I will be able to add about additional $1200 to my personal fundraising goal. Thanks again everyone that supported that event.

I'm thinking I should set a new goal of $10,000, what an accomplishment that would be to raise that much money for an amazing cause !!! :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Event Pictures

Thank you to one of the participants we have some awesome pictures of the event.
Here is a sneak peek with the winner of the west jet tickets. Congrats Dee !!!
We still don't have all the numbers in but it looks like after all our expenses as a group we raised about $9500 for the Arthritis Society's Joints in Motion Program. Thank you again to everyone that donated items, bought tickets, attended the event and supported our silent auction, as well as those people that volunteered their time to work the event with us. Again it wouldn't have been a success without you.

An update on my training, well it's pool bound for running for at least 2 weeks. I go for a bone scan on Wed and that will determine how long I am in this air cast for. Thankfully I can still do core and arm work out of the pool and everyone assures me that running in the pool is just as effective so I'm not too worried about the training part. I just hope my foot heals sooner rather than later.

Great news with my fundraising ... I am now at 95% so that is so awesome, I am so excited !!! I have a couple of other donations coming in so I should be completed by July 1 and have my name entered in for the companion tickets to Greece !!!! (I'm thinking I should just enter my sister's name instead of mine cause she's the lucky

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Good and the Bad !!!

Wow .. what a great time !!! The "Treasure Island" fundraising event was a great time !! We didn't have as many guests as we were hoping but none the less the people that were there had a fabulous time. The food and entertainment were amazing. We don't have all the accounting done yet but I'm hoping that I will be able to say that my fundraising is done once it's finished.
Thank you to everyone that bought tickets and supported the event. I'm hoping to have some pictures up soon. Congrats to Deanna Kowalski!!! Yes my sister drove 2 hours to attend the event and she won the westjet tickets for 2. Thankfully I didn't draw the winning ticket cause that would have looked alittle !!! I was very excited for her !!!

Stay tuned for pictures and the amount we raised for the Arthritis Society !!!!

As far as training, well lets just say I've suffered another set back. All the pain I've been having in foot has come to a head and I had to go for an xray. Have to wait to hear if we are dealing with a stress fracture in the top of my foot or some serious inflammation in the tendons. Either way I am off all weight bearing exercises !!!
So it's off to the pool for workouts and running. Who knew you could do a running program in the pool !!! I'm sure my body will be much happier but holy man, I thought running outside was boring???? this has that beat for boredom.. lol !! But I will do what ever I have to do to get my training in .

As luck would have it, I just registered for a 1/2 marathon in Aug in Edmonton. I figured I should tackle a 1/2 marathon before the full in Oct !!! So cross your fingers and toes for me that this injury is shorted lived !!!

Thanks again everyone for all your support !!!!