Monday, October 1, 2012

23 days and counting ...

It's only 23 days until our departure for the marathon in Switzerland. The sad news is I'm sitting on my couch recovering from my knee surgery I had done last Thursday.  I haven't lost sight of the full marathon just yet but the journey to get there looks alittle different now.  I definitely won't be "running" anything but I'm hopeful to be able to walk something. I'm counting on my stubborness and my sheer determination to get me to the start line of one of the races.
The next week is pretty low key, I have some exercises that the Surgeon gave me to do post op and I see him again Oct 9th, so I'm hoping to get some answers then.  The emails, facebook messages, visits and phone calls of support have all been very welcoming. I have the most amazing family, friends and arth-kicker supporters and everyone is an important part of this journey. I couldn't do it without any of them.

This Friday is our "send off" party for the Alberta Team and it's going to be great. Alot of postive energy and excitement about the trip! :-) We would love to have some of our supporters there so feel free to join us. We are going to be at "Wurst"  Friday night at 5pm across from the Tech shop downtown.

So there won't be much to blog over the next few days unless you want to hear about me complaining about being bored and frustrated that I can't do what I want to!!!
Thanks again to everyone for all their support!