Saturday, March 13, 2010

Run Day !!!!

Today was the St.Paddy's Day run and very chilly I might add. Our Joints in Motion trainer Kevin gathered a team and we all wore "Golden Shamrocks" t-shirts. There were a few Joints in Motion participants which was fun to get to know them as well. I was able to do a run/walk for the entire 5k and finished in 47 minutes. I was pretty happy since the fastest I have been able to do 5k so far was 56 minutes. Kelsy started the race with me and she was able to complete it in 33 minutes (on a bummed knee, I hope she's going to be okay) ...woohoo wtg Kelsy !! I promise next time I will finish with
Thanks to a complete stranger that made me run last 1/4 km (when I seriously just wanted to walk I was able to beat my previous times. I definetly felt better after this 5 k then I did in Oct after the 10k walk so I'm hoping that means I'm getting stronger. :-) I have to say I'm pretty freaked out about the marathon but I will keep my ambitious goal and push forward.
I am going to do more runs outside rather than the treadmill cause the treadmill makes it seem pretty
I scheduled a massage after this run cause I was afraid of feeling the way I did in Oct but I have to say..holy crap a Thai massage hurt worse then running the 5k !! It's all good, all in all I feel pretty good, alittle tired but pretty good.
I am pretty excited about the next race which in May 1, I am running a 5k with hubby in the "Calgary Big Run" and then May 9th in the "Mother's Day run" with Kevin's team again. Except on my 9th, I plan to do a 10km run!! (okay a run/walk but I am going to do the 10k and beat my time from Oct) !!

Our big fundraising event is almost confirmed so stay tuned for that!! :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Successful Day !!!

So for a week I have been doing alot on the treadmill following the beginner running program from Kevin. I started from the begining to see where in the program I was cause I knew that I was past week 1. Last Thurs, Fri and yesterday I was doing about 2.5km jogging 2 minutes walking 1 minute for 30 minutes. Today I moved up to week 4 of the training program and think it's a good place to stay and continue with week 5 next week.
Today was a great day ... I wanted to see if I could do 5km. (since I am registered to do 5km March 13) So I started with my 10 minute warm up walking at 3.5 kph and then jogged at 7.0kph for 3 minutes, walked for 1 min at 4.0 kph for 5 sets !!! Then did a 5min walk at 4.5 kph and then started the jog for 3 min, walk for 1 min for another 3 sets. (I really wanted to do another 5 sets but it wasn't going to So then I just finished off with a walk at 5.5kph to complete ...
5 km in 56 min !!!! I really want to be able to do the 5km on March 13 in 45 minutes so I'm on a mission !!!! Wish me luck !!! :-)
I completed my workout today with 40 regular crunches, 20 ball exchange crunches and 20 lower leg crunches. ( I seriously couldn't do another thing with my legs after the 5km

Thanks Kelsy for joining the Golden Shamrocks !!! I love that you are always there to join me !! It means alot !!! :-)

Thanks everyone for your continued support of reading and posting on my blog!