Sunday, June 10, 2012

Walk to Fight Arthritis today

It was a gloomy cloudy day but we escaped the rain for the "Walk to Fight Arthritis".  We were dressed for rain and cold but it turned out not to be too bad.  Over 470 people turned out to support the Arthritis Society even with the rain looming overhead.  Me, my kids and Grandma walked the 5km through Fish Creek park. The kids love being a part of my journey whenever they can, so they were pretty excited to join in for the walk. In the last few months both my 6 year old daughter and my sister have been diagnosed with some form of Arthritis so today I was walking for them.  I'm still nursing a sore knee so it was alittle tough but I got through it.  I did 5km last Sunday as well but I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to do much more than at, at one time.  I've gone back to the gym to do weight training and the eliptical seems to be okay so that's my cardio of choice these days.  Onward I will push and hopefully get some answers with my knee and figure out my training is going to look like.

Thank you to everyone that supported our walk today! You can help too by donating to my fundraising page in support of the Arthritis Society.  This journey is not just about me anymore, it's about my daughter and my sister too!