Tuesday, October 27, 2009

That's Better !!!

I have been struggling with alot of pain in my hip, so I was finally able to get in and see my massage therapist. Holy crap did it hurt but now it's feeling a bit better. I'm hoping that the pain in my knee was from walking funny cause of the pain in my hip..we will see !!!
It's total body workout tonight, so we will see how my hip holds up to that.

Our team of 12 is almost complete for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk on Nov 15th, we only need one more member !!! So come out and join the "daring dozen" :-) Registration is $25.00
and we are going to be walking the 10km !!!!

I am so excited that my fundraising is at 48% now, what a great feeling !!! Thanks everyone !!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back Online !!

Yes I have been doing my walks (on the treadmill) and my total body workouts on Tuesdays.
I have only been able to check emails and things from my phone and updating my blog
doesn't work so well from a phone..lol !

Sadly though I still haven't been able to hit my goal of 35km in a week !! I get close but just can't quite get there. I'm sore as heck today after last night's "boot camp". My chest and stomach
muscles are sooo sore... I thought we worked those muscles already..what the heck !!! I keep telling myself sore is good, that means I'm working hard ! :-)

My fundraising goal is at 46% ... woohooo !!! Thanks everyone !!!!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Just want to wish everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving" !!! It was a great weekend for us with our family. We enjoyed an awesome turkey dinner and some good laughs. So much to be thankful for.
Being on the farm makes for some enjoyable (and hard) walks !!! :-)

Back to routine tomorrow and boot camp to start the week off....yikes !!! LOL !!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Week !!

Who knew that renovations, 3 kids, after school activites, appointments and walking could keep one person sooo busy,...hahahha Yesterday was boot camp and holy crap... we had a different instruction and wow, did she work the crap out of us. On that note...my abs and my arms are killing me again..lol !!

The treadmill is my new bestfriend, it's so much easier to get the time to go into the basement then to gear up and go outside.

So far I have 10 team mates for our Jingle Bell Run... wooo hoo that is awesome. Oct 15 is the deadline for early bird registration. Come on out the more the merrier. :-)

7km on treadmill...an hour and 20 minutes

18km to go !!! woohooo !!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Stuff !

Our first snowfall ... but by afternoon the snow was gone and only the cold remained.
Great news, I have about a team of 8 for sure for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk Nov 15th !! My goal is to register a team of 12 !!! Registration deadline is Oct 15 so post here or send me an email supportmyjourney@shaw.ca

Thank goodness for my treadmill, I still wasn't ready to face the cold...brrrr !!!

5km in an hour on the treadmill followed by my situps and push ups.

Only 25 km to go to my goal this week !!!
Have a good week and hopefully the sun will shine !!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

I hate the Cold !!!!

I know it's inevitable but I still don't like the cold. So as you've probably noticed I didn't make my goal of 35km again this week. :-( So I will try try try again this week. Now with the cold.. yikes !!! Thankfully I have a treadmill in my basement so today I wimped out with the first cold day and migrated to the basement to put a few KM's on the treadmill. I'm actually thinking that I might log a few more KM's cause I can watch my favorite shows and walk walk walk and the time just flies by. :-)

On the treadmill : 5KM .... 5.1km/hour ........480 calories burned
Plus 25 situps and 10 pushups afterwards

Only 30 km to go !!!!!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Jingle Bell Run/Walk

I am looking for people to join my team for the upcoming "Calgary Jingle Bell Run/Walk" in support of the Arthritis society. The event is Nov 15 at heritage park in Calgary.
Registration is $25/person and I would love to get a team of at least 8, hoping for 12 !!

There is a 5km and 10km available, after we have a team we will do a vote as to whether we
do the 5 or 10k. Deadline for registration is Oct 15 so post here or send me an email
supportmyjourney@shaw.ca !!

This event is totally separate from my Joints in Motion Journey, I just thought it would be fun
to get some friends together and support one the Arthritis' society other events !!!

Can't wait to sign up our team !!!!!