Thursday, July 19, 2012

5km "run" with my 10 year old

Well it’s back to regular walks/runs. Since the Calgary half marathon I have been training more to do a run(jog in my world)/walk for the upcoming Marathon in October. It’s been been going pretty good, I’ve been doing mostly 5 and 7km training runs right now just to build up my walk/running. Sunday I did 7km in 1hour and 6min, and for me that was awesome. School is out and it’s difficult to get to the gym during the day and most of my training is being done in the evening which I find challenging as I’m tired. But I have been pursuing through and staying focused. So today I decide that I will go and do 5km and my kids can either job beside or ride their bikes. So my younger 2 opt for the bike riding and my oldest (10) wants to job with me. He has down running club at school and he’s on a mission to complete a half marathon in the near future…lol! We set out to do 5km, and holy it’s hot already. After the first km I’m already dying of heat but onwards we go. I have to say this was probably the most entertaining 5km I’ve done and it was a serious blow to my “training self esteem”…LOL!! We start our first 5 minutes of jogging and my son says “this is how fast you go? This isn’t running mom” … I just kinda of laugh to myself. We continue on and the whole time he’s chattering away about this that and the other thing and then he says to me “mom you’re already huffing and puffing and you don’t answer me back.” Next I have my youngest who is on her bike and she’s riding back and forth and around me and rides up beside me and says, as she pedals slowly “this is how I do a jog riding my bike” and then speeds off ahead and says “this is how I do running on my bike”!

We finish our first 5min and now walk for 2minutes and he says “we are walking already” … I seriously can’t help but laugh to myself and wonder what my training really does look like to anyone watching…LOL! (good thing I don’t really The next 5km is all about him and his nice little comments and his indirect way of saying “mom you suck at” Towards the end of the 5km I am so hot, ready to get out of the heat and sweating and I look at him and it’s like he hasn’t done a thing…LOL! His last comment to me is “I don’t know how you did a full marathon in Greece it must have taken you all day!” As a matter of fact it did…LOL!! It was a painfully hot 5km and it was fun having the kids do it with me but I think I will stick to the lonely 5k’s where I tell myself I’m doing a great job..LOL!!

It’s only 101 days until the marathon and I feel a bit of panic!! On the bright side of things all my training is paying off as I have lost 35lbs since Feb. I am officially back to the weight I was when I did my first marathon in 2010 and I still have 3 months before the one in October so I’m confident I will definitely weigh less to do my 2nd marathon! :-)

I have some pictures from our past fundraising events that I will be posting! Thank you to everyone who has supported us, it is greatly appreciated. We are getting closer to our fundraising goal !!