Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays !!!

This will probably be my last post until after Christmas, it's just way to busy to find time to get on the computer. It has been a new week ... a week of trying new things !!! Sunday I met with my trainer at the gym and we went through some drill exercises, she's wants to see what I can and can't do ! Let's just say..push ups still aren't my strong ! There are some really cool machines at the gym, so it should be a good place to kick my training into high gear since I'm approaching the 10 month mark to be ready for Greece !! I also tried out one of the group classes on Sunday, called "Beat it". It should have been called "Beat Me" , It was a very fast kick boxing class. Not only did I suck at the coordination part (there's a but my joints definetly didn't like the jumping around. I had to see the Chiropractor this morning cause I popped the rib out in my back and holy crap my knee was sore. So it was back to the pool where I know I can't get quite as hurt. So tonight was a water workout at the gym. It was good, nothing like any other water workout I've ever done. This one involved weights in the water and alot of fast laps. You don't think you are working any muscles when you are in the water but holy moly when you get out you can sure feel it. I have to say though, the water workouts are my favorite. I'm not a swimmer and I hate putting my face in the water, but my body does much better in the water. So it will be off to the pool on Wed again.

Happy Holidays to Everyone !!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A New Week !!!

I know I know I'm alittle slow at the blogging. It has been a bit of a rough week and I'm anxious for a new week for sure. Although with the business of Christmas, will this coming week be much better?!? I hope so !!!! I did my swimming on Monday and then I had my dental surgery, so the rest of the week has been spent recooperating from that. Weight loss should be good this week since I can't eat much until the stitches come out. I seriously am tired of ! I don't think gaining weight over Christmas will be an issue since chewing is kinda off limits for a month. I guess it will be mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce for ! Oh and I guess pumpkin pie is !
Sunday (tomorrow) I meet with my trainer, she's going to set up my program for me, and then I have my last swimming lesson after that. I have to say swimming at the gym I just joined is awesome. On Monday I had the whole pool to myself and I did 45 minutes of laps. I am excited to do the yoga classes and get started on the program my trainer sets up for me.
I'll let you know how my last swim lesson (comedy act) goes tomorrow !! lol !!!

Cheers !

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holy Busy !!!

Tis the time of year..busy busy !!! I seriously can't believe it's only 12 sleeps til Santa comes. I honestly thought I was going to have everything done by now but no such luck.

So some exciting news on the training front. I joined the gym and I am so excited. I have lived here for almost 2 years and didn't realize the gym just up the road had a pool in it. It all started with a flyer and coupon delivered. Normally I don't take time to read most of the junk mail but
for some reason I decided to check these flyers out. So after a phone call and a visit to the gym, I bought a membership. Now I only have to drive 5 minutes to do swimming instead of 20 minutes, so I'm pretty excited about that. I love all in one places.. a pool, group fitness classes and a very nice gym all under one roof and one low monthly !!!
So after chatting with a couple of people at the gym and explaining to them my situation and my upcoming marathon, we decided that maybe I should use one of the personal trainers at the gym for a few weeks. So after much debate I decided to try it out for a few weeks. I met with her this morning to go over goals and such so I'm pretty pumped. It sounds like I will be spending alot of time at the !!! I start tomorrow morning with the swim and trim water workout (which is 3 times a week) followed by some treadmill walking !!!
Hopefully my blogging can keep up with all the workouts...LOL !!!

My swim lesson today was just as comical as ever... today we were learning the whip kick and breast stroke. Talk about needing to be coordinated..holy crap !!! And then at the end of the class our teacher was trying to teach us some diving in the deep end...hahaha that was funny too!!! Only 1 more lesson next Sunday !!! I'm sure our instructor will miss all us crazy wanna be adult !!!

Here's to a busy week !!! :-)
Can't wait to share all my progress with you !!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Swimming !!

Sunday Swim Lesson...Okay so here's the deal...if I ever say I'm interested in doing a triathalon, please remind me how much I hate swimming...LOL !!! So the swim hat and goggles helped but I never realized how coordinated you needed to be so that you don't drown. I seriously can not do the front crawl, breath out in the water, turn my head, take a breath in and put my face back in the water and know which way my arms are supposed to be going. So you think it sounds funny when I type it ... well I have to say anyone that is watching is probably laughing their ass off...LOL !! We also learned to do a whipkick ... so doing the whipkick on it's own wasn't bad, but then we were supposed to incorporate our arms and do the breast stroke. That takes even more coordination then the front crawl.
If they just let me do laps on my back doing the back crawl.. it's all good, I can actually do that one with out too much of a comedy act..LOL !!

Monday Night..Deep Water Workout ! So I decided to try the deep water workout before I start the water bootcamp in Jan which incorporates lane swim and deep water workout. It was great, I didn't have to put my face in the water (which I hate) and it seriously didn't take as much cordination as the front crawl. I think my joints will thank me if I focus on water workouts.

Enjoy the rest of your week !!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Back Indoors !!!

So it's back inside to the treadmill !!! For now anyway, it's Calgary how long will it last that I have to stay inside to walk !?! Only until the next chinook, which after today, I really hope is soon. So I think my body is healed so I can resume my walking !!! After yet another injury (a fall on a slippery sidewalk and a banged up leg this past weekend), I think I am ready to get back on track !! I was away on the weekend and happy to report that I was able to get some walking in (before I got hurt, thankfully). It was a tad chilly and I was frozen afterwards but I'm happy that I did it. And thankfully, even being away, I was able to maintain my weight and not gain anything cause there really was alot of sitting around!!!! lol!! I have to say though, thinking about all my friends scrapbooking without me while I walked and froze was not a good motivator to do !!!

I was very excited to get an email last week from an old friend that I haven't talk to for awhile. It was really great to hear that she's been following my blog and hear her words of encouragement ! Thanks Tracy !!!

I also got some disappointing news this email from our coordinator for the Joints in Motion Team has moved on to other opportunties. I do wish him the best but will miss him for sure !!! Still trying to convince him that he should should join the Greece Team though...he was a there for the start of my journey and I think it would be great to have him there at the finish too !! He wants to do a marathon so I really hope he picks the Greece Team !!! I did tell him it would score some brownie points for the girlfriend if he said they were going to Greece..what do you think ?!? lol !!!

Off to swimming this Sunday !!! With swim cap and goggles in hand, I hope it makes things a bit more tolerable, although those 2 things don't stop me from ingesting half the !!!! A good picture though I'm sure !! LOL !!!

Thanks again everyone for your continued support, my goal is to reach 55% before the end of the year !!! Everyone is gonna love getting my Christmas Card asking for !!!!

Have a good weekend !!!