Thursday, November 24, 2011

This and That . . .

Today I attended an information session for "Patient Matters". It's an organization that is engaging patients as collaborators to improve osteoarthritis care in Alberta. It's an initiative that is going to train patients to do research and report our findings. It's about a 2 year process and I'm excited to be a part of it. They are looking for other individuals to join the panel; so if you're interested in becoming a part of this innovative initiative that is going to change the Patient Care within Alberta's Healthcare system, you can contact Dr. Svetlana Shklarov at The project is hoping to get underway in the new year and I am excited to be a part of it. Well the Arth-Kickers are super excited about our website that we are creating. It will be a place where all the members will be able to share their experiences for the next year. I am super pumped about the things we are going to be doing. We could potentially have 6 team mates registered and that is an incredible feeling that so many people want to be part of an amazing experience and give back to a cause that means so much to me. You can check out the website it's only in the first stages and will be a work in progress but we would love for you to check it out as we develop it. Lots of places for you to leave comments. :-) It's going to be a warm weekend, good for some walking outdoors. :-)

Monday, November 21, 2011

We have a team name...

Well it was a fun weekend of brainstorming and coming up with a new team name. After a million texts being sent around between family and friends of "what do you think of this name" ... We had some great names (and not so great suggested and it was definietly a team effort, from both people on the team and supporters! We have a winner and it's kinda funny how it happened actually. I had finally sent out a text saying the we would be the A-Kickers .. (Cause "A" could stand for a lot of things and it was kinda like the A-Team but So just when I thought we had a name, one of the friends I sent it to said "sounds good .. how about arth-kickers". I think he may have be joking ..kinda sort of!! And it hit me, I was like I love it !! Isn't that how some of the best things are created, by accident!! So thanks Chris for the great name. So everyone says they like it and I hope they do (maybe not as much as I but it's our name cause it's unique and catches your attention!! So today another friend took the new team name and the joints in motion/Arthritis society logos and made it all one for me. I love it even more now!!! :-) Thanks Allyson !! The slogan part of the name "our fight for the right to move it" my sister came up with at the begining of the weekend and that too was an immediate "I love it" moment, we have to use it!! So I think the 2 go perfectly together!! :-) We have some great fundraising ideas we are throwing around and I can't wait to share them. How do you feel about a pair of work out/yoga pants with "Arth-Kickers" silk screened on the butt?!?!? :-) We are also looking for a company that would like to be a part of our team name,("company name" Arth-kickers) so if you work for or know of a company that would like to donate to an amazing cause and be a part of our team name with exposure through fundraising, training jerseys and online blogs and websites, let us know, we would appreciate the support. :-) We are also hoping to add a couple more team members to Arth-kickers, I a have a couple of people deep in thought about it, just gotta put pen to paper ... you know who you !!! And if I haven't been harassing you to join just surprise me with an email that says "I'm in" ..LOL !!! Thanks again to everyone who was involved in our team naming weekend .. it was fun!!! Stay tuned for more exciting things ....

Friday, November 18, 2011

"Team Jordan" is expanding ...

Well it's a very chilly morning, walking the kids to the bus was enough outside exercise for me, so indoors on the treadmill it will be!! Thank goodness it's Southern Alberta and a chinook will eventually make its way here!! So some exciting news for our Joints in Motion team ... we have a new team mate. Tracy Barthel has decided to join "Team Jordan". Tracy and I went to school and graduated together and she has since been diagnosed with Rhumetoid arthritis. So not only has she decided to be a support for me and keep me motivated as part of "Team Jordan" but this journey is a personal one for her. Being someone personally affected with arthritis this journey takes on a whole new meaning. So as a team we will raise money for the arthritis society,an organization that we are passionate about. Individually we are required to raise $6800 so our team goal right now is $20,400. I've posted a team fundraising thermometer here so you can watch as we reach our goal. So when I started this journey, it was me and gathering a support system that would be there for me and get me across the finish line,so "Team Jordan" seemed appropriate. Now that I have a team mate that also has arthritis it's not just about me anymore, it's about Tracy too and supporting her through challenges she may experience while training. So I'd like to come up with a new team name that represents everyone on team. So post any suggestions you might have, we would love to hear them. So help us reach our goal, any contribution is greatly appreciated. Maybe you work for a company that would be interested in donating to an amazing cause that affects our team personally. And if you want to be a part of this amazing experience with us, we'd love to have you as part of the team as well. The more awareness and inpiration we can provide to other people the better. :-) A huge thank you to my teammates DeAnna and Tracy for being a part of this journey that means so much to me!!! Stay warm and stay tuned for upcoming fundraising events ... Thank you for your continued support!! :-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the Right Track ....

Well I think it's safe to say I'm on the mend. The new medication I started 10 days ago seems to be helping and no reactions... YAY!!! I will now be doing self injections every 2 weeks and my next one is this week. So after 3 months of struggling with a huge flare up I'm starting to feel like myself again. Unfortanetly the meds don't really help the osteo arthritis in my hips but for some reason I can handle that pain alot better than the one that hits from the Anklyosing Spondalitis and the Psoriatic arthritis flare up. At least now I'm feeling like I can actually walk 10km again !! This past week I've also started a little challenge with a couple of friends to help with the weight loss part of this journey. So it was a fun week as we texted back and forth to keep each other track. We went to a movie on Friday and were so proud that we just had snack packs of popcorn and opted for water instead of pop. :-) So I'm happy to say that I'm down 1.5lbs at this mornings weigh in!!! I'll take that !!!! A friend this weekend told me I was relentless and I will take that as a compliment !! I have been trying to get her to sign up for Joints in Motion and be a part of "Team Jordan"! I am so passionate about this journey that I want everyone to do it with me ... I have a couple of people still sitting on the fence about joining so I guess I will kick my relentlessness (is that a word into high gear!!! LOL !!! So if you're interested I'd love to have you on my team!! We are going to start planning some fundraising events so stay tuned for those!! You can also donate by clicking on one the links to the left of this post!! Your support is greatly appreciated !! Stay tuned for lots of exciting news ....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Video on Facebook

For those who don't belong to my facebook group "Jody's Journey to fight Arthritis" I wanted to share with you a response I received. I posted the video from the forum onto the group and received many supportive comments which was great because I was scared to death to post the video. There was one comment however that made me smile, sit back in my chair and reminded me exactly why I am on this journey. This was her comment
I am so very humbled after listening to you! I have been feeling sorry for myself because of my RA, but after listening to you talk I have a complete different outlook. Thank you!!!!!!
At first it was a bit of mixed emotions reading it as it is a girl I went to school with and graduated with. Someone that was there that very day I experienced my first symptoms and here we are 21 years later and she is diagnosed with Rhumatoid Arthritis. I was sad at first knowing the challenges she maybe experiencing but as I read on I felt a sense of excitement that she was thanking me because so much of my journey is be an inspiration to people and today that has happened and for that, I am happy. So after chatting a bit more with this person I am so excited of the possible outcome from this one comment!!! BUT ... It's a surprise for now ... After my own challenges the past couple of months it is just the boost I needed to remind me why I am on this journey to fight arthritis and to continue on this road ! If I had any doubts about doing this again, they are all gone now because of one comment. So it's my turn to say "Thank you"!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Year Anniversary!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's been a year already!!! On this day one year ago I was walking around in flipflops with bandaged toes recooperating from walking the Athens Marathon!!! I can't help but sit here today and wonder how that was possible based on the condition I am in right now!!! I need to draw from the experience now because I'm really struggling with how in the world am I going to do this again. My mind is saying "get busy, people are watching you and waiting to see how you finsih this" but my body is in react mode and not cooperating at all. The last month has been trying to get my strength back from the life threatening reaction I had to the medication and waiting to see what the next step will be in putting this flare up in remission. But today at this very moment I am remembering the amazing people I met in Athens, all the people that were doing the Marathon to support loved ones that have some form of Arthritis. The friends that were made and ones that continue to follow and support me in my journey to fight Arthrtis are truly a gift. Family and friends that supported me back at home while I was away, the messages, the donations and the hours some spent training and walking with me, it was what got me through 8 hours of walking by myself. So today as the Anniversary of that amazing experience I prepare to do it again because if one person benefits from my hard work and realizes they too can fight this fight, I have accomplished what I want to do "Inspire" !! I think now is a good time for me to pick myself up and push harder through this challenging time and remember why I have chosen to take this journey. There are so many people that are crippled by this disease and aren't able to walk a block, so today I walk that block for them. As hard is it is right now, I will do it! So today I ask for at least one person to read this entry and remember what I accomplished one year ago and donate to the Arthritis Society as I continue my journey and the many challenges ahead. Make the donation in support of someone you know or love that lives with Arthritis!!! The links to "team jordan" are on the left side, your support is appreciated and you can make a difference! :-) Have a great day and I'm off to walk to do the 2km walk to the school to see my kids for lunch! Thank you for your support and generosity to an amazing cause, you help me take the steps I might not have taken this far in my journey!

Calgary Forum Online

The Arthritis Society has published the taping from the Calgary Forum . There is alot of information from the medical professionals so please feel free to pass it along to friends and love ones that might have questions that have been answered in the video.

Arthritis Community Education Forum from The Arthritis Society on Vimeo.