Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holy Treadmill

So Wednesday I met with my trainer and she decided to test my running skills !!! So the most I've ever done on the treadmill is 5 laps around the 400m virtual track. Today I was on the treadmill for my full hour of training, running for 3 minutes walking for 1 minute gradually increasing my speed from 4.5mph to 5.0 mph. It was a total of 12 laps and 5.0 km. It was tough but it was a great feeling when I was done. I wish that I could push myself to that point everyday :-( I'm still not convinced that I should be running until I get off a bit more of the weight but if my trainer says it's okay I guess it is. I guess starting now rather than later is probably for the best.

My "survivor" pool is doing great. We have one pool filled up and number 2 has 3 members !!! It's going to be alot of fun. Even if you don't watch survivor it's still a chance to win $12o and support my journey of course. :-) Send me an email if you you'd like to join or if you are on facebook follow this link to the group ....

Enjoy the rest of the week !!

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Survivor" Fundraiser !!!

So I have started the "Survivor" Fundraising Pool. You can check it out on the facebook events page .

If you don't have a facebook account and you still want to participate you can !!!!
Here is how it will work ....
Each person (or couple) puts in $20.00 and the first 20 people that have committed (if you don't have a facebook account I will add your name manually so just send me an email to if you would like to participate) AND paid will be allowed to play. We would really like to have 40 people so we can do 2 pools !! one for Pat and one for me !! :-)
So, here's how the money will be divided up! It'll be like a 50/50 split, 50% will go towards my Joints In Motion Fundraiser and you can feel absolutely GREAT for supporting me!!
Here's how you can win the other 50%:
1ST PRIZE: Very first survivor voted off/kicked off/asked to leave the island gets the booby prize of $20.00 (If there are more than one, it will be whichever one Jeff names first to leave)
2ND PRIZE: Winner of Survivor gets $120.00 (Easiest $100 you can make, and your odds of winning are great!)
3RD PRIZE: OUR favorite contestant will get $60.00 (triple your investment!)(All players will cast your vote on the event page after the finale of Survivor and the person who's Survivor Castaway gets the most votes wins! This is not America deciding, it is US! So even if you are voted out of the game early you will still have a chance to win this prize!!!) YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN SURVIVOR!Note: This is all based on that there will be 20 Castaways this season! If for some reason there are not, this will be revised accordingly to accommodate the number of players and prizes. (Last I heard, there are 20!)So please help support The Arthritis Society and add a little extra excitement to this season of Survivor! It's always more interesting to watch when you are actually 'in' the game and watch your friends get voted off!!!!
The order in which you RSVP will determine the order in which you get to pick your survivor. Once I have received all the money I will email you and get your selection. I need to have all the money in by Feb. 4th so that we can pick our survivors before the season starts.I will post a list of names of the survivors for you to ponder :-)Feel free to come on after each episode and vent your frustrations or to cheer and gloat!You can mail a cheque for $20 to Jody Jorday (email me and I can give you my address) or we can make arrangements for me to pick it up if you are nearby! You can also do an email transfer to't wait to see everyone on Survivor Night !!!!!

Thanks everyone !!! It's going to be a Hoot !!! So email to RSVP and get your spot or RSVP on the facebook events page !!!

Things to Think about ????

So there is a 10km run in Vancouver in May which I'm thinking I might register for. I need
a small goal to work towards cause the big goal in October is overwhelming me a bit and kinda
freaking me out ! :-S My husband has also informed me that the runners in his office want him and I to register for either a 5km ,10km or 1/2 marathon run as well, here in Calgary.
My Athens partner, Pat attended a webinar about the Athens marathon and was informed that the course is only going to be open for 6 hours. (I think that's when I got alittle freaked
Everyday I am at the gym either doing stuff on my own, attending a class or with my trainer but
I just don't feel like it's enough. Most times I am only doing an hour workout but I would like to push myself to do longer. But the truth is... it is sooo boring !! lol !!! I can't get into the zone where I just don't want to stop.... HELP !!!

I am attending a meeting next week, we are going to discuss some fundraising ideas. I will be posting a small fundraiser online in a couple of days so stay tuned !!! It's going to be our "survivor" fundraiser !!!

Enjoy your day !!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yoga Class !!!

Wow, that was an enlightening experience. My very first yoga class. I left the house at 6:15pm, my plan was to take the hour yoga class from 6:45 to 7:45 and then do the aqua fit class from 8:00 to 9:00 ! hahaha ... yoga is way harder than I expected to it to be and thankfully the aqua class didn't have enough people so I didn't have to go. I honestly don't know that I could have done both classes back to back. Besides that my body is still alittle sore from my trainer work out on Friday, I was completely exhausted after yoga.
I really didn't think it was possible to break a sweat doing yoga..hahaha I was wrong..LOL !! So granted it was "hot" yoga but still, it was hard work. None the less I think I might actually like yoga !

A busy week ahead with work, meeting with my trainer and keeping up with my workouts !!! :-)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kicked My Butt !!!

Holy man, after my workout with my trainer yesterday (Friday), one would think I hadn't stepped foot in a gym in my entire ! I don't know how it's possible to be so sore !!!! :-S
I saw her today at the gym and told her she kicked my butt and my body hurt and she says "Good" !!! I can hardly wait for Wed when I meet with her again...yikes !!!

Tomorrow is my last sleep in Sunday. Next Sunday I start my early morning water work outs !!!
Sunday mornings @ 8:30am... at least I won't be going alone, cause my marathon partner Pat has signed up too !!! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!!

Cheers !

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Success !!!

Yay !! My weigh in yesterday was awesome, 3lbs since last Tuesday !!! Wohoo I finally broke the cycle of 1 pound a month..LOL !!! I guess working out at the gym is doing what it's supposed to! :-)

I am very excited that my marathon partner has just received her first online donation, I remember what a great feeling that was !!! Her website is up, our facebook group is updated and we are pumped to do some fundraising. We have a couple of great ideas and can't wait to share them ... stay tuned !!!!

Thanks again for your continued support and it's going to be an exciting 9 months !!!

Cheers !

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Loving the Gym !

I have to say I'm really liking the gym ! So ya I had to sign a 3 year contract to get the reduced monthly rate, but I think that after training for my marathon I might be addicted to exercise ! LOL ! How funny is addicted to exercise, I can't say that I'm there yet though ! LOL !!
I convinced hubby to join so today was his first day. It was kinda cool to work out together and have the extra support ! Since I work for the gym now, the kids get to go to the daycare for free while we work out !! It's been a week with lots of cardio, the treadmill, the bike, the eliptical and this funky machine called the wave. It works the heck out of your thighs and butt !!
Monday I meet with my trainer, it's an hour in the pool for her aqua fit class then an hour of gym work out !!! :-S

So I need some fundraising ideas.. anyone have some creative ones ???? 47% to go !!!!
Check out the countdown to the marathon at the bottom of the blog page !!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend ! Check with ya in a few days !!!

Cheers !

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oct 31 is the Big Day !!!

So I received an interesting email about the marathon in Athens in Oct. This is what it read :

Next October the Athens Classic Marathon will commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the original marathon run. This will be a signature event in The Arthritis Society’s 2010 Joints in Motion program. Whether you participate in the 10k or the marathon, this could be the run of your life. Make it a 2010 New Year's resolution.
The marathon began with the fabled run of Greek soldier Pheidippides, who served as a messenger from the Battle of Marathon. The hero of our story apparently ran the marathon distance from the battlefield to Athens non-stop (and without aid stations), burst into the Assembly exclaiming "We have won!" – and died on the spot.
Following roughly the same course as that extraordinary event, the Athens Classic covers the same ground as the first modern marathon – part of the first international Olympic Games, in 1896.

Not only are we participating and raising money for the Arthritis Society but now we are about to become part of history !!! And the counter on the website freaked me out...LOL !! 298 days 3 hours and 36 minutes until the Marathon !!!!
Here is the info I found out about the Marathon Course !!! I was most excited about the end being flat and downhill..LOL !!!!

The first 200m of the course are sloping, leading to the exit of the Marathon Start Venue. The first 4 kilometers go downhill. The runners run along the Marathonos Avenue up to the 4thkm, when they turn right and enter the Marathonomachon Street and the Marathon Tomb, which they follow for the next 2.2km. The course follows a rather circular route around the War Memorial for those that fought during the Marathon Battle (Marathon Tomb). The course is becoming flat from the 6th to the 10thkm. From the 11th to the 17thkm the course goes uphill at certain parts. Then, and before the Rafina Junction, the runners meet a steep descent. Starting from the Rafina Junction, the course goes uphill again, while the most difficult part is until the 20thkm. As the runners pass along the town Pikermi, they run through some, more or less, uphill parts of the course up to the 25thkm. The passage through the city of Pallini (27th - 28thkm) is also rising. The last and most difficult part of the course starts from Gerakas and goes up to Agia Paraskevi (30th – 31stkm). A steep ascent at the Stavros Junction is followed by a steep descent leading to the Agia Paraskevi Square. Then, the runners follow the Mesogeion Avenue, going through the districts of Chalandri and Cholargos, meeting flat and downhill parts of the course up to the finish. The most characteristic downhill part is the one that starts form the Ministry of National Defense and finishes at the Katechaki Junction (37.5km). Right after the Erricos Dynnan Hospital (38th km), the runners continue left on Michalakopoulou St. until the traffic lights of Michalakopoulou and Fidipidou Street crossroad. Following that point, they continue running on Fidipidou Street until the crossroad of Kiffisia & Alexandras Avenue. The latter crossroad highlights the 39th km, while the runners continue left on Vas. Sofias Avenue. On Vas. Sofias Avenule, the runners pass by the American Embassy, the Athens Music Hall and the Park of Freedom (Parko Eleftherias). As they reach the Hilton Hotel, they slightly turn right heading towards the Syntagma Square, passing by the Evaggelismos Hospital and Army Museum. At the last part of the course and having turned on the Hrodou Attikou Street, the runners have eye contact with the Panathinaikon Stadium. Only a few meters remain in order for the runners to enter the Stadium and run the last 170 meters inside it, before reach the finish line.

Wow...all this info is overwhelming and giving me the urge to head to the gym AGAIN today...LOL !!

Cheers !!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year !!!

Holy Moly... it's actually 2010 and this is the year I am going to participate in my first marathon in Athens Greece in Oct !!! Only 10 months to complete my fundraising and training !!!

There is no sign of Christmas in our house, everything packed away for another year and I am proud to say, no sign of Christmas on my !! It has been great working out at the gym over the holidays, checking out the group fitness programs and getting into the groove. I love the eliptical ... I progressed from 10 laps around the 400 m track in 40 minutes to 10 laps in 30 minutes !!! And of course the pool, the reason why I joined the gym is awesome too !! Most times I have the pool all to myself, so no one to laugh at my swimming
Today was my first official workout with my trainer, can't wait to see what she has in store for next !!! It's going to be a busy week, the kids' activities starting back up, starting my new job at the gym and getting into a weekly routine of workouts !! Piece of cake right?!?

Thanks again to all my blog readers and supporters !!! Only 47% left to fundraise, so I encourage you to invite your family and friends to follow my journey and support an amazing cause !!