Thursday, August 16, 2012

Half Marathon-Sunday Morning!

Tonight I did my last 6km (run for 1min/walk for 1min). This week I joined John our Joints in Motion Trainer, his wife Joy and the rest of the crew for 2 training runs on Tues and Thurs. They were short quick 6km runs and I felt really good during and after. (Thank god otherwise I would be really worried about doing this half if I felt like crap after only It was nice to be out with a group. I always enjoy chatting and sharing my story with the other runners. The more people I have cheering me on the easier it is for me to keep going and finish. John set up my running watch for me to do 1/1 intervals so it will beep after each minute and now I don't have to keep looking at my watch wondering if the minute is up! It set it up for 99 reps which is 3 hours and 20minutes, so that is my goal. :-) The last time I did this race I finished it in 3 hours and 37 minutes and that was walking the entire race. So let's see what I can do this weekend. It really is just a practise run for my run/walk training so I can see where I am in order to finish the full marathon in Oct doing a run/walk. My team mate Heather will running it as well, the great news is she's faster and will finish before me and will be there to cheer me over the finish line with my family. :-)
Saturday night my 2 youngest kids are registered to do the Kids' run and my oldest son and sister Crystal will do the 5km. I love that my kids want to be so involved and do what I'm doing. Every race I have done this year they have participated in the 5km category!! (Although my 7 year old says she's only doing 5km cause she doesn't want her toenails to fall off...LOL)
Thanks John and the crew tonight at the run for all the good luck wishes, those are what push me to get through the race! :-)
Stay tuned for Sunday night's post to hear how it went!! :-)
I'm only $595 away from my fundraising goal and I have 2 weeks to raise that, so please support my half marathon on Sunday by donating to my page. How about $1 for every KM... $21. :-)

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