Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recovering ...

Well that sucked!!!!!!!!!! I ended up with a nasty flu/cold and have been knocked on my butt all week. Yesterday I ventured out to do a short run, it ended up being about 4km. I decided not to go with the group downtown because I wasn't sure how far I could go and I knew it was going to be a slow go, so thought it was better to just venture out on my own close to home! Today I managed to do 14.5km and didn't collapse at the end so I would like to think I'm on the road to recovery. :-) I so did not need that little hiccup in my training but it is what it is and onward I go! :-) My training partner is back from holidays so Melissa did the last 4.5km with me today! YAY only the first 10k were lonely and boring...LOL! Although I have to say doing the intervals does make the time go alittle faster. :-) So I have 2 half marathons coming up to incorporate into my training and keep me on track! :-) I will be doing the harvest half at the end of September and then the Okanagan half at Thanksgiving! Only 56 days until the Lausanne Marathon ... exciting and nervous at the same time!!

Excited that hubby has decided to be my companion on the trip to do the full marathon. He wasn't able to be there for my fist full marathon in Athens, so I'm pretty excited he's gonna be there this time. I think he's only going this time so he can keep an eye on me so I don't go and get another race tattoo like I did in Athens...LOL!!!
Will be fun! We will have a supporter there to hold up our Arth-Kickers banner when we all cross the finish line!! :-) I wonder if he will wear a pink Arth-Kicker team shirt too...LMAO!!! Guess I might have to make him his own "Arth-Kicker Supporter" shirt!!
Countdown: 27 days to harvest half marathon in Calgary ... 35 days to Okanagan half marathon in Kelowna ... 56 days to Luasanne full marathon in Switzerland!! As one of my best friends would say "Giddy Up" !! :-)

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